Jump-Start Your Weight Loss: How to lose Weight Quickly (After the Holidays or For a Special Event)

In this post, I want to share with you a reboot that you can use to quickly shed any extra pounds after the Holidays. At any time during your weight loss journey, you may feel your body needs a refresh. Whether you have “fallen off of the wagon” or you want to do a simple detox, you can come back to these suggestions and get yourself back on track toward success. Consider this your fail-safe method for “righting” any “wrongs”. You can even use these tips to slim down for an event or lose the last 5 pounds.

Either way, this method is safe, but it is not easy. I’ll warn you it does take discipline and some meal planning. The good news is that this plan is meant to be short and temporary, you wont’ be hungry and you will be pleased with the results! And after one to three weeks of this reboot, you can get back to your own healthy eating habits. If you read to the end, I have added bonus lifestyle tips and the exercise methods to help maximize your results with minimal effort.

If you’re like most folks this season, you have indulged in many a party desert and drink, you have had difficulty passing up the plethora of treats at work and as a result, you have given up trying to stay on your health plan until the New Year hits.  Whatever you do, DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! We are all human and will make choices we regret from time to time; but, we always have the ability to turn it around and get back on track. January brings hope for new beginnings, new goals and a new fresh outlook on what you can accomplish for your health!

For some, this plan I’m going to share with you takes too much effort and planning. But, if you are serious about dropping weight fast and you stick to these suggestions, you will see results. In fact, this booster plan will help motivate you to keep on track with your healthy habits after just a couple short weeks of diligence. You will only need to do this plan for one to three weeks. Two weeks seem to be the magic window for most.

Let’s talk first about what you won’t be having for a short while:

    1    Eliminate complex carbohydrates, if you have not already done so. Steer clear of all grains and legumes, including corn, rice, beans, soy, wheat. Frankly, you should be limiting these foods anyway as regular consumption most likely is not contributing to your optimal health. But for the sake of not feeling deprived, you may eliminate these for the short one to three weeks to cleanse your body and re-establish a healthy relationship with these foods at a later date.

2.  Eliminate all sugar-based foods. This means that you will shy away from all alcohol, chocolate, sweets, and sugar of any form, including honey, agave, maple syrup, etc. Lastly, for this short duration, avoid fruit except for lemon and lime for flavor. Definitely stay away from any sugar substitutes like Splenda, NutraSweet, Equal, Sweet and Low, etc. In fact, these are just a bad idea if you are interested in improving your health, altogether. If you need some sweetener, reach for xylitol, monk fruit or stevia. Be careful with sugars ending on “ol” though as these can cause some GI distress.

3.  Eliminate all dairy products, including cheese, milk, creamers, and butter. You can, however, cook with clarified butter on this plan.

4.  Avoid nuts and seeds, except for the allowed amount of nut butter, for now. Some folks find that overeating nut butter or nuts will prevent weight loss and cause water retention. If you suspect this is you, then substitute an approved fat in place of nut butter.

Remember, once you have given yourself a break, you can always go back to healthy servings of the aforementioned items. But for now, stick to your guns and member “why” you wish to give your body a break to cleanse and rejuvenate.

Now lets discuss what you will be adding to your diet for this quick weight loss plan:

    1    Drink your body weight in ounces of water per day. Drinking this much water will be challenging for most people, so feel free to use the water recipes provided in the Recipes section of my book, The Forever Fat Burner, if you find plain water is unappetizing. You can also try SweetLeaf Water Drops which are nothing short of “dessert in a squirt”. I recommend that you have your first quart of water within 20 minutes of waking to help flush out toxins and rehydrate your system. Then once your stomach settles, you can start your day with a cup of hot water and freshly squeezed lemon juice from half of a lemon.

2.  Also, eat only super pure fats (i.e., avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, MCT oil, etc.) Some folks find that overeating nut butter or nuts will prevent weight loss and cause water retention, so in this plan, make sure you that if you choose to have nut butter, measure exactly a level TBL ( that does not mean that you can have whatever amount of nut butter you can stack on top of a TBL for those of you who have an addiction to nut butter and you know who you are…). Make sure the only two ingredients are nuts and salt. No hydrogenated junk or oils that only science can create.

3.  Eat a variety of lean protein, including collagen protein powder, or protein powder without added sugar, chicken breasts, fish (all kinds), turkey and eggs. Try to get everything that is organic and humanely treated, please. We will stray away from beef for this short amount of time. If you are vegan, opt for organic, non-GMO tofu and plant-based protein powder.

4.  Eat 5-6 times in one day and start within 30 minutes to an hour of waking with a protein-rich meal. Try to have protein at every meal (4 oz or 20 grams for most women and 6-8 oz or 30 grams for most men).

5.  Eat veggies that will not spike insulin levels too much and are lower in carbohydrate levels such as dark leafy greens (think spinach and kale), Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, green beens and asparagus. Make sure to avoid all root vegetables (such as potatoes) and sweeter veggies such as carrots and beets.

6.  Add 1 tsp to 2 TBL of recommended fats to each meal. Women should opt for 1 tsp to 1 TBL of fat per meal and about 4 oz of protein. Men can shoot for 1-2 TBL of fat and 6-8 oz of protein at each meal. When you can, add unlimited amounts of the approved veggies to each meal as well.


So a typical day may look like this:

BREAKFAST: 3-5 eggs within one hour of waking cooked in 1 tsp to 1 TBL of coconut oil or avocado oil with 2-3 cups of spinach.

MORNING SNACK: 3 hours later have organic turkey deli meat wrapped in lettuce with tomato and 1/4 of an avocado with 1 tsp to 1 TBL avocado oil mayonnaise.

LUNCH: 3 hours later have lunch with chicken and vegetable soup or a taco salad with 20-30 grams of protein, no cheese and 1/4 cup a guacamole with 1-2 TBL of oil based dressing, no sugar.

AFTERNOON SNACK: 3 hours later have a snack with no sugar-added chocolate protein shake (without fruit) blended with 1-2 level TBLs of almond butter and stevia in unsweetened almond milk.

DINNER: For dinner have salmon cooked in 1 tsp to 1 TBL of clarified butter and asparagus topped with lemon rind, salt and pepper.

BEDTIME SNACK: Before bed have 1-2 TBL of almond butter on celery. Again, women opt for 1 tsp to 1 TBL of fat per meal and about 4 oz of protein. Men can shoot for 1-2 TBL of fat and 6-8 oz of protein at each meal.

If you just follow this 1-3 week diet, you will notice significant changes; however, if you wish to up the ante a bit and go the extra mile I have provided you with some additional body-transforming methods, in the next few paragraphs.


For some added benefit, make sure that you are not ingesting any pesticides that are creating a burden on your liver. The more toxicity you have, the less effective your fat loss will be. Take advantage of additional liver support by drinking a detoxifying tea or taking supplementation suggested to you by your healthcare provider.

If you have a mini trampoline, make sure to jump 10-20 minutes per day to move your lymphatic system. Otherwise, find time to do yoga with deep breathing (ujjayi pranayama) and plenty of inversions and twisting poses for detoxifying your organs.


And don’t forget to find ways to de-stress. De-stressing doesn’t have to be complicated; but, it does need to be nurturing and assist you in letting go of tension. It should be something that you look forward to doing each day during this cleansing process. Some ideas include a 5 minute mediation, journaling, a hot bath with epsom salts, reading a good book and various other activities that relax you…like sexy time.


RESISTANCE TRAINING: Do 2-3 30 minute body weight strength training sessions per week. Make sure to fatigue each muscle group by the end of each set. I like to do a set of squats, planks and push ups. and repeat each cycle four times. 

Do squats with proper form and with hand weights (or barbell) until muscle exhaustion and you can’t do any more. Your hand weights or barbell should fatigue you by rep 15. If it doesn’t you weight isn’t heavy enough. For your planks, work up to 90 second planks in each position (front and side plank either on elbows or arms extended). Do as many perfect form, push ups as you can. Of course, if you need to do them on your knees or against a wall, that is fine. Just try without your knees from time to time to challenge yourself. Then repeat this cycle four times. 

HIIT TRAINING: 2-3 times per week perform 15 minutes of HIIT either jumping rope or on a mini trampoline to protect your joints. Perform 30 seconds of going as fast as you can then rest until fully recovered (for 30 seconds to a minute). Repeat this until 15-20 minutes are up.

You can use a track to run sprints if you wish; but, for ease, a jump rope or trampoline work just fine. Perform 30 seconds of going as fast as you can then rest until fully recovered (for 30 seconds to a minute). Repeat this until 15-20 minutes are up. 

LOW INTENSITY AND SLOW CARDIO: For added benefit, enjoy long daily walks or yoga sessions of 30 minutes or more.

You won’t need any more exercise than this. Trust me. I’ll do an additional video for you on how to create a simplified workout regimen to achieve maximum results, very soon. .

I hope you found this quick and effective method for rapid weight loss useful when you need to lose some added weight or to jump start your nutrition program of choice.

For more daily detoxification help, water recipes, protein powder recommendations, de-stressing tips, workout ideas, or plateau busters, you can check out my book: The Forever Fat Burner!  Also give the SweetLeaf Water Drops a try as well. These have become a staple in my water consumption habit.

And as always, let me know if you found this post useful! Let me know if you have tried this method or if you have other methods for losing weight quickly and safely that have worked for you! I’d love to hear from you!

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS: Look your best. Live your best. Love your best.

All the best to you my friend,



Dr. Linné