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Can Clutter Make You Crazy? 5 Unexpected Areas You Must Declutter Now!

In this post, I discuss why your clutter may be a contributing factor to your stress anxiety (and overall mental/emotional health). I discuss the most recent scientific research linking clutter to mental health AND I provide you with my 5 unexpected areas that you need to declutter now: digital clutter, calendar clutter, relationship clutter, financial clutter, and mental clutter. I mention how you can apply my 5x5 Decluttering Method to declutter these important areas. This post is the missing link in the discussion of minimalism or tidying up your home. You won't want to miss this one...

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Why You Should Get Up at 5 am and How to do it

Have you ever wondered why people who get up early like to do so? Perhaps you have thought to yourself you could never be a morning person. Maybe you’ve been curious about how getting up early may benefit your health and your overall well-being? Perhaps, you believe you could never be one of those "crazy morning people". If you have struggled with any of these thoughts then you are going to want to stick around because in this video I am going to dip into some of the science and the benefits of rocking the 5am hour. The best part? I’ll give you practical tips on how you too can rock this magic hour, with me.

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Start Your Day Like the Top 1% Most Successful Influencers

In this post, I discuss the defining characteristic of the top 1% that I discovered in my research: the commitment to performing a beneficial morning ritual. In addition, I walk you through the four areas of personal growth that I define as the necessary components of an effective morning ritual: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. I provide you with my real-life examples of how I accomplish this and provide ways for you to simplify the process so that anyone can achieve an inspiring morning ritual, if even for 10 minutes.

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The Life Changing Magic of Creating Your Mindset

In today’s post, we are going to learn how to harness the life changing magic (and power) of a positive mindset, for ourselves. If you only watch ONE of my videos or read only ONE post all the way through, I pray that this is the one, because if you can master this skill, it will truly change your life as it has changed mine! If you stick around, I tell you exactly how…

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How to have an Inspired, Intentional, and Motivated Day!

If you are wondering what habits will move you toward a more productive, people-centered, and purposeful life, then this post is for you!  Sprinkled throughout a "typical day" are tips and tricks to get you moving in the right direction.  

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How to Have an Uninspired, Unintentional, and Unmotivated Day!

If you want to understand how to live a more purposeful, productive, passionate and people-driven life, then you must first come to understand what a day life lacking these things truly looks like. 

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Find Your “Why”!
My Top 5 Book Recommendations From 2017