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Facial Fillers for Beginners (A Clinician’s Opinion)

In this video, I discuss my thoughts on facial fillers and provide insight that can help the beginner make an informed decision when consulting a proper health care provider. I pull back the veil a bit with the full intention of interrupting the cultural stigma we have created when discussing any aesthetic procedures that we do to improve our appearance, feel more confident, etc. The purpose of this video is to be as transparent with you as possible and to create a safe place for discussing all things health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle! I touch on the aging face and how filler works to support the structures of the face, how to avoid the "unnatural look"--and of course, whether or not I have experimented with it. I give you tips on how to find the right qualified injector as well. You'll want to watch the full video to get a comprehensive overview. Please feel free to share this video or comment below to keep the conversation going!

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