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Inflammaging: Inflammation and Aging (and the Scientifically-Proven Methods to Age Well)

In today’s video, I want to discuss the effects of inflammation on the aging process. Short term, inflammation is necessary for healing. When we understand the effects of inflammation on our overall health, we can circumvent the negative side effects of chronic inflammation on the genetic expression of our cells. Here is the thing. Our lifespan is increasing but our disease span is increasing and it is becoming an epidemic. I have included the signs of inflammation, the primary cause, how inflammation affects the aging process (coined "inflammaging"), and the 5 scientifically-proven methods for improving genetic expression--and therefore, how to age well!

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Cortisol and Aging: Scientifically-Proven Methods to Improve Genetic Expression and Calm Stress

In this video, I discuss the science behind stress and its influence on the aging process and the best way of testing your true biological age! I also include the three best scientifically proven methods for combatting the effects of stress on the aging process. As a bonus, I provide free resources for you to help in each of these three areas: creating a social community, developing the proper mindset, and exercising appropriately.

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