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As an author, physician, researcher, and HUGE lifestyle enthusiast, I serve the overwhelmed (and perhaps, a little out-of-shape) individual to simplify your lifestyle and supercharge your health with real-world techniques so that you may leverage a life of purpose, peace, and passion! XO, Dr. Linné


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“I have never felt so cared for and more informed by a doctor. Doctor Linné helped me achieve the most incredible gift of getting my health back on track after several failed pregnancies and then finally the joyous birth of my daughter.  Needless to say from my hormones to weight gain my body was in major need of a dramatic intervention. Under her care I have lost over 70 pounds and am the most healthy I have ever been. I thought this would be an overwhelming journey but to describe my experience in one word would be…simple. She gave me all the tools and skills that I can use for the rest of my life and help share with the ones I love.”


"I think of you several times a day and should have written this email before now.  To say that I am grateful for your help and guidance through my weight loss journey is not enough.  When I embarked on this journey, I had no concept of how far it would take me and how many changes I would experience.  As of today, I am holding right around 40 pounds of weight loss.  I didn’t know I wasn’t feeling great, but I feel so much better; emotionally, spiritually and certainly physically. Better sleep/rest, fewer muscle/tendon/ligament issues, smaller appetite and a nice reduction/change to cravings.  I have also noticed that my self-esteem and inner confidence levels were more suppressed than I had realized.  Put it all together and I am really feeling amazing! To all of this, I thank you.”    


"Regarding her book, The Forever Fat Burner: I have to say, this naturopath helped me lose 20 pounds while my body was under constant stress. It seemed hard at first, counting. Then I realized it’s what I had never taken the time to do it before. It was the missing puzzle piece: finding my carb tolerance. Now I don’t have to count at all. I have it down."