Hey there! I'm Dr. Linné

Are you ready to start living (and loving) your best life? Then you are in the right place!


Hey there! I'm Dr. Linné

Are you ready to start really living (AND LOVING) your best life? Then you're in the right place. 


Want to Live and LOVE your BEST life? Let's make it happen...

I believe that your health, your energy, and your time are your true wealth. If you have supercharged health and you simplify your life (think less distraction, stress, and clutter) you can satisfy the soul's desire. What satisfies the soul?  Making strides to fulfill the mission that you have been put on this planet to pursue! If you are stuck, confused, or frustrated, I've got you...


Ready to live and love your best life?

As a board-certified physician, author of The Forever Fat Burner, and creator of the 5x5 Decluttering Method, I help those on a journey toward supercharging your health and simplifying your lifestyle so that you have the time and energy to pursue those things that satisfy your soul!

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My Story...

There were pivotal times in my life that I was unhappy with my body, struggling with depression--and at one point--stressed to the point that I was hospitalized when I thought I was having a stroke. These events shaped my desire to not only figure out how to lose the weight and become the healthiest I have ever been; but, to pursue a life of peace and purpose by simplifying my environment and daily routines.  Through my success, I began helping others to do the same and now I teach and train others to do the same.  

After attending a postgraduate four-year medical school, I directed medical programs at the college level and quickly moved up the ranks to Director of Education/Dean, making education and motivational training, my passion.  In my position, I received training and certification in high-performance methods rooted in cognitive psychology. I continue to utilize these same techniques in assisting patients with their overall health and wellness goals; helping them work through barriers toward achieving ultimate wellness so that they may build healthy relationships with themselves whilst achieving their wellness goals. 

I pursued a career in medicine at SANTÉ Aesthetics & Wellness in Portland, Oregon where I serve my community with my expertise in lifestyle, health and aging-well practices. 

There was a time when I was 45 pounds heavier. I had to struggle over 20 years to curate the best research to help formulate the best fat burning plan -- both to improve my own health and the health of my patients. In addition, I had two pivotal life-altering events take place. 

The first incident was when I was struggling with a major depressive episode. I had lost a job, had failed a board exam in an effort to pursue my dreams, I had just been broken up with by the man I had hoped I would someday marry. The culmination of events left me feeling paralyzed to the point I did not leave my bedroom for three weeks. The second life-changing event took place in a car ride home when I believed I was having a stroke as I was unable to speak or to move my body and was rushed to the local ER, only to discover that my body was displaying symptoms of a severe panic attack as a result of my stressful lifestyle.   

The combination of these events (losing 45 pounds, getting through major depression and hospitalization) led me to create the blog and website: jouneytowardjoy.com. This website is dedicated to helping others to improve their health, recognize how to truly satisfy the soul and to simplify one’s lifestyle in an effort to live a life that generates joy, purpose, productivity, and passion. I am the author of The Forever Fat Burner: The Secret to Optimizing Your Health, Longevity and Body Composition.

I have since then helped dozens upon dozens of patients to achieve optimum health -- both in the clinical setting and in the maintenance phase of weight loss. My book, The Forever Fat Burner has inspired hundreds upon thousands of people to improve their health and wellness using her step-by-step methods. With my education background and certification in cognitive psychology techniques, I continue to create blogs and videos that inspire others to achieve optimum health and a more meaningful life.

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