First of all, I want to congratulate you for taking the time to investigate and explore "Intentional Living" with me. You may have heard this term spoken in regard to the Minimalism movement or perhaps, you have heard it spoken of in the context and framework for leading a purposeful life.  You may also be an individual who continually seeks to better your life and live your purpose each day.  If any of these positions describe you, please know that I am truly excited to meet you and to welcome you to my site!

I began my journey toward leading a more intentional life when I was in the depths of depression, in debt over my head, out of job, and in the wake and contrails of several failed relationships. I lay in bed, unable to sleep for three weeks straight, stricken with the paralyzing fear that I was lacking hope, purpose, productivity, and peace.  It wasn't until a few close family members and friends provided simple direction to me, that I began to see the dark clouds part and tools to help me focus on a bigger picture. There was no big turn around for me, though. It was a slow and painful process to dig myself out of the trenches and claw my way to creating what I now deem as a simple - yet purposeful and joyful, lifestyle.  You can read all about my story of depressionand how I conquered it, here

Years later, as I started my medical practice, I began to see a trend that I found very interesting. Most of my weight loss patients struggled with irregular cortisol and DHEA rhythm when we tested their adrenal status. In fact, even those seeking general care provided a history logged with restless sleep at night and anxiety-driven days.   When I made the connection that health is more than what you eat and how much you exercise, it started to make sense. 

We live in a society that requires our constant, yet very divided, attention. We are hit with a barrage of e-mail notifications and Facebook updates. We get texts all day long that have replaced phone calls. We are constantly eating on-the-go. We are drained with continuous "to-do" lists without prioritization - and as a result, are left feeling plagued with overwhelm and bereft of any pride and purpose. We have lost sight of any childhood dreams as they seem "too far-fetched" and unrealistic. We watch too much television that tells us what is wrong with us and we are inundated with newsreel telling us what is wrong with the world. We can't sleep because we have too much on our minds and lack peace. We give as much as we can and yet, it is never enough. These feelings only compound as the days and years pass, only to leave us feeling desperate for a vacation and a way out. 

As a blogger and a clinician, I could easily hone in on my passion for weight loss, health, and nutrition and write about these subjects, alone.  This would be an appropriate and natural choice. And, there are many fabulous and successful bloggers out there who do post about health and wellness. I applaud them and appreciate them very much!  I, however, have chosen to address health from a different angle, from an eagle eye view of the mind, body, and soul.  

You see, I have found in my own life (and in the lives of those I consult) that we cannot achieve optimum health without answering the questions: Who am I? and What do I want in life? We cannot find the answers to these questions, without ridding our lives of the many unnecessary distractions (physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, relational, etc.).  It is through the simplification process and decluttering of every aspect of our lives, that who we are and what we want in life start to come into focus. And this is when The Intentional Life begins.

Can you achieve an intentional Life through choosing super foods and exercise routines? Absolutely! And I will gladly assist you in every way possible to do this.  But please know, that simplifying your diet, nutrition, and exercise program are only pieces of the bigger puzzle: A Meaningful Life. 

Join me, here on this site, as together, we embark on becoming who we are designed to be and start to create a life brimming with passion, purpose, productivity and peace. Join me on a journey toward joy...



Dr. Linné