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How Rebounding Helped Me Achieve My Best Body at 45



As many of you know, I work with a lot of weight loss patients and I have done research on fat loss, building lean muscle and hormone balance for decades. Having been 45 pounds heavier I have often been desperate to find what works and disregard what doesn’t. Now that I am responsible for helping my weight loss patients work out smarter not harder, I have had to find methods for them to maintain their hormone balance and help them keep their newly hard-earned physique. The old world thinking was that in order to lose weight and get in your best shape you have to workout harder and eat less. I am here to tell you that with nearly 100% of my patients, this method backfires every time. So what do I tell my patients? What do I do myself to achieve the best body at 45 years old that I have ever had in my life? I’m going to share with you my secret. And it isn’t really a secret but it certainly is not conventional thinking. In this video, I share: 1) the...

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Morning Habits of the Top 1% Most Successful


Have you ever had a morning that started with hitting the snooze button two or three times? Perhaps, it progressed to sluggishly grabbing a morning coffee and watching depressing newsreels while munching on soggy cheerios. But what if you could start each and every day with excitement? What if you actually smiled each morning you awakened? What if you moved your body in such a way that made you feel alive and prepared to take on the day's challenges? What if - by the time you arrived to work - you felt you had accomplished a healthy, happy and energetic mindset that drove you to perform more efficiently and effectively in all of your daily tasks? In this post, I discuss the defining characteristic of the top 1% that I discovered in my research: the commitment to performing a beneficial morning ritual. In addition, I walk you through the four areas of personal growth that I define as the necessary components of an effective morning ritual: mental, emotional, physical and...

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The Best Anti-Aging Tips



In this post, I discuss some of my favorite clinically proven or researched methods for aging well. We are going to discuss The Magic 8. These eight researched tips include behaviors, diet, exercise, hydration, sleep, skincare, supplements, and injectables. I have even added a bonus tip for you that I have experienced multiple times as my secret weapon and can’t wait to tell you about it.


Welcome back my fellow lifestyle enthusiasts. If you are new, I’m Linne and you should probably know that I’m obsessed with all things lifestyle and how they impact your overall health!. As a physician and a researcher, my goal is to provide the overwhelmed and maybe out of shape individual with simple tactics to improve your lifestyle and thus improve your health and well-being. So, if you’re into that kind of thing, then you’re in the right place.

Today we are going to discuss my top 8 methods for aging well. As a physician who...

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The Life-Changing Magic of Creating Your Mindset


In today’s post, we are going to learn how to harness the life-changing magic (and power) of a positive mindset, for ourselves. If you only watch ONE of my videos or read-only ONE post all the way through, I pray that this is the one, because if you can master this skill, it will truly change your life as it has changed mine! If you stick around, I tell you exactly how… I have used these skills to achieve the fitness goals I desired to the exact pound, measurements, and body composition I dreamed of. More important than the outward change in my body, was the internal transformation of my dialogue with myself, my beliefs surrounding my weight, and my attitude toward an evolving lifestyle. You see, the point is, that you can completely change the outcome of something. The feelings of doubt do not have to hold you back from improvement. Whether you wish to improve your weight or you want to alter your fears and your habits in other areas of your life, as you...

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