Hi guys! If you are new here, I am Dr. Linné. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to learn more about a Power Hour that will be the catalyst toward creating more momentum in your lifestyle goals!

Sometimes having a simple guide to help you simplify your health habits, having a customizable plan to maximize fat burning, increase energy, and improve longevity is really all it takes to lead you toward success in all areas of your life. 

You most likely are checking this page out because you want to improve your environment and eliminate the clutter that has been holding you back from living your best life. You want help getting started and that is exactly what my guides will do for you. But how would you like to have continual support on your journey toward your best health and lifestyle? What if you and I could meet regularly to discuss your biggest challenges and how to overcome them---not only with your home or health---but every aspect of your lifestyle?

Have you ever hoped you could wave a magic wand and create a college course that taught you important topics in school like how to get in our best shape, how to save money, how to declutter your home, how to create a winning mindset, how to age well, and how to find your passion and to create the life that you love? Yet, as important as these lifestyle topics are, these classes are not taught in our school system and many of us have to either read books or go to expensive seminars to obtain this information. You know what areas in your life that you want to improve; but, you don’t know where to start if you need help. You don’t know where to find communities filled with others who are interested in the same thing? 

When I was a Dean of a college I was under a lot of stress. And while I loved my job, the stress eventually led to hospitalization when I thought I was having a stroke. It was at this moment that I realized that my lifestyle needed to change. I needed to figure out how to improve my health by simplifying my lifestyle. Well, I can certainly tell you that at times, I struggled with the curriculum, knowing that while the students needed to know important details to meet the criteria and objective of the course, what I really wanted to teach them was all the life skills I was researching in my spare time. But, it wasn’t possible because what I wanted to help them with, wasn’t part of the curriculum. 

So, I decided I would create my own curriculum for the life I wanted. Having a strong interest in my overall physical, mental, and spiritual health, I decided to research every topic related to living a fuller life. I read up on communication. I read up on decluttering and minimalism. I studied weight loss and fitness for optimum fat loss. I reviewed the best productivity methods. I dove into theories of mindful practices and reframing the mind for ultimate success. And as I started to create this lifestyle curriculum for myself, magical things started to happen. 

The result? I noticed that I was reaping the benefits of a newly inspired future.  I became world class at reductionism. I reduced my belongings from a 5 bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment. I discovered organization methods for maintaining order where I had been overwhelmed in my paperchase. I lost the final 20 pounds that I had been holding on to for years, simply by implementing the key components from the research I was doing. I dropped some rather toxic relationships. I began pursuing my purpose. I left my stressful job, I took my medical board exams and started helping others to improve their health. 

Friends and family started to ask for my input on how to create change in their lives, too. 

My dream since leaving academia to pursue a career in medicine has been to create classes geared toward real life that benefit the overall health of the mind, body, and spirit. I want to create a community of like-minded individuals from all over the world who could find a safe place to grow into their best life. A course that would allow folks to architect the most fulfilling lifestyle possible through simplification. And that is why I’m launching a monthly masterclass called The Lifestyle Design Experience.  

Each month people from all over the world can join me online for a live masterclass that will cover the latest research, methods, and ideas to help you to 10X your lifestyle. Every aspect of lifestyle will be covered in my four signature pillars of lifestyle design including your health, your home, your habits, and your happiness. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you improve your mindset and intellectual growth, optimize your finances and how to live more abundantly, ways to create more adventure and fun, methods for simplifying and organizing an ideal home environment, proven methods for decreasing stress, simple steps for improving relationships, my best tips for addressing nutrition, food, and fitness, the latest information on anti-aging techniques, and finding your purpose and addressing ways of fulfilling it...and so much more. 

I’ll even be sharing my favorite books on the topics covered, my lessons learned, and I may even do so over a glass of my newest inexpensive wine obsession which I’ll share with you a month in advance so you can imbibe with me if you wish. 

This is the atmosphere I am creating: Think of it as an ideal mixture of a college course, meets lifestyle enrichment, meets book club, meets wine bar. I’m really not sure if anyone out there is doing something like this; but, I know it will be life-changing and fun. 

In addition to sharing the latest science and research with you to help you 10x your health and wellness in every aspect of your life, I will be providing resources, pdf’s, link to tools, assignments, and even monthly challenges to help the class come alive and be even more applicable. And by joining in, you have complete access to previous classes so you can always go back and review anything you wish. At the end of each live course, you will have full access to me for any questions or comments that you may have and you will have access to the exclusive online membership group reserved only for Lifestyle Design Experience members. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you felt you had support, control, and direction in every aspect of your lifestyle. What if you were able to join a like-minded community that was on this journey with you and cheering you on toward achieving optimal results in your home, your body, your habits, your relationships, and your finances.  How would your life improve immediately, if you were able to take the course that you wish you would have had in school? 

Here is the thing. There are other masterclasses out there. And many of them are really good. However, I’m not sure how many of them will allow you to have a glass of wine in the classroom...just sayin’. 

I have spent 20 years researching health and wellness and weight loss and fitness. I’ve lost 45 pounds and have kept it off. I have left my corporate job to work full time as a board-certified physician and to pursue my passion for teaching and helping others in their aging-well and living well practices. I have been certified in coaching students with effective cognitive psychology methods for success. I have achieved a minimalistic lifestyle and the benefits of reducing my belongings and have created effective organization methods that I use day in and day out to simplify my life and those that I coach. I am constantly researching cutting edge methods for lifestyle improvement and I know what works. I am continually attending the best seminars and conference to constantly stay on my game. I have read an average of a book a week for the last three years on the topics that have changed my life and I’ll save you time by sharing with you the concepts I learn along the way.

This isn’t about the endgame. This isn’t about perfection. This is a journey and every journey is better when there is a guide and a community of support. And I want to create this for you. 

Here’s why it’s a great deal… Folks pay me up to $400 per hour to meet with me one on one to discuss health and fitness.  A group coaching program can cost upwards of a thousand dollars or more. A one-on-one coaching program may charge 3-20K or more for one on one assistance. An average college course can be upwards of $594 per credit hour to take a class you may not even like and you most likely won’t use. You could spend 20 years struggling to figure out methods to achieve your best health. You could spend years trying to simplify your life and improve your stress levels.  

Here’s what else you get... When you purchase today, as part of my gift to help you get started living with less stress and live your best life, you’ll receive a free pdf that will provide you with my exact method for decluttering your entire home either in 1 week, one month, three months or a year. You choose the timeline; but, I provide the outline on how you can do it. It took me years of trial and error to get to this point and I am certainly standing on the shoulders of many lifestyle experts before me; however, I have consolidated this information for you in my free pdf worth $29.  You’ll also receive my favorite recommended books that will enhance this curriculum and of course my top 12 wines that may make it to our class this year! 

Here’s why there is no risk... I am offering you your first month for $1. Each subsequent masterclass is $29 and you can cancel at any time after you give this course a try. I think after you join the course, you will receive so much benefit from our hour together each month, you won’t want to leave. But, just know that if you do, that is totally OK and you are always welcome back at any time. 

If you join in the next 72 hours, and you will get the bonus pdf and my best tips to get you started on your journey. And once you are enrolled in the masterclass, you will be the first to know about any courses, products, or services I launch. 


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Can you believe I'm offering all of this to you for ONLY $29?

Can you believe I am offering all of this to you?  You get an hour of live time with me, the opportunity to ask my questions and interact with the community, you get exclusive access to the membership group, you receive tools, assignments, and monthly challenges to make this curriculum stick!

So go ahead and click the button below and join now! 


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"I didn’t know I wasn’t feeling great, but I feel so much better; emotionally, spiritually and certainly physically."

"I have never felt so cared for and more informed by a doctor."

"I thought this would be an overwhelming journey but to describe my experience in one word would be…simple. She gave me all the tools and skills that I can use for the rest of my life and help share with the ones I love.”