The Power Hour that Will 10x Results

Imagine what your life would be like if you felt you had support, control, and direction in that one aspect of your lifestyle that you want to improve. How would your life improve immediately, if you were able to receive expert guidance and clarity that you know will take you to the next level?


In this 60 minute one-on-one session you will:

Find a safe place to grow into your best life. This is a one-hour session that may serve as the catalyst to initiate and architect the most fulfilling lifestyle possible through simplification. And that is why I’m launching the Lifestyle Design Power Hour.

I want you to know that I am offering a one-on-one Power Hour customized just for you. 

Now, you can join me online for a live one-hour session that will incorporate the latest research, methods, and ideas to help you to 10X your lifestyle goals. In this session, you get to determine where you want to see more vibrancy and vitality. Do you need help simplifying your health habits? Do you need assistance simplifying your belongings? Are you struggling with productivity? Perhaps, your mindset has been holding you back? Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? 

In addition to sharing the latest science and research with you to help you 10x your health and wellness in every aspect of your life, I will be providing resources, pdf’s, links to tools, assignments, and even a one-month challenge to help the power hour session come alive and be even more applicable.

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Signed Copy of TFFB

Sign up today and I will send you a signed copy of my book, customized to you, after we complete our 60-minute power hour session.

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Exclusive Access 

Get FREE membership to the online community. There you will find additional support and encouragement

Level Up Your Success

Take your goal to the next level by getting the support, direction, and mentorship you need to move past any barriers. You'd be surprised what 60 minutes can do to get the clarity you need to succeed!


This Power Hour Will Help You:

Customize a plan to move past any barriers you have with your current goal.

10X the results in your given goal.

Determine where you need more vibrancy and vitality in your current lifestyle goal.

Move past any barriers that are holding you back from success in your lifestyle goal. 

Receive research-driven, proven recommendations for achieving your goal.

Aquire the tools, assignments, resource recommendations (including a customized reading list) to help you accomplish your lifestyle goal. 

Save money. For the cost of less than the average credit hour at college, you can receive some of the best life-changing direction that will be more valuable than most courses we HAD to take in school. 

Avoid risk. There is a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our session, simply e-mail me within 24 hours and get your money back!

Receive one-on-one expert assistance in achieving your best life! 


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