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Cellulite Secrets: The Research-Driven Results That Work (and What Worked For Me)!

Jul 24, 2020


In this longer video, I take a deep dive into cellulite. This video is meant to fully educate the viewers on what it is, the medical theories on its pathophysiology, the American Association of Dermatology's recommended treatments, what DOESN'T work, and the 5-part method that worked for me. If you have cellulite and struggle with body image or are embarrassed by it; I need you to know that you are beautiful, perfect, and unconditionally loved, just the way you are. Say this affirmation to yourself on a daily basis. This is the most important affirmation that I teach my weight loss patients and my clients to say daily.


Welcome back, my fellow lifestyle enthusiasts. If this is your first time visiting this channel, I’m Dr. Linne. It is my firm belief that your health, your time, and your energy are your true wealth. By helping you to supercharge your health and simplify your lifestyle (think less stress and less distraction) I aim to help you make room for your God-given mission in this life; that dream that is on your heart that only you can fulfill because it is unique to you. By serving you, I believe you can be better equipped to serve others. So, if you are on a similar journey as I am, then buckle up, and let’s start living and loving our best life, together. 

 Today in this post, I want to talk about cellulite. Chances are you have it, have either come to terms and accepted it or tried everything to get rid of it. Up until more recently, I struggled with cellulite all of my adult life. And more recently, I have managed to reduce it (although not entirely curing it) but I have managed to improve its appearance. So today, I hope to debunk some myths and share some unexpected--but useful information regarding what cellulite is, how we get it, how you can treat it, and how I have treated my own. So, if you are interested in an extraordinarily interesting post, depending on your outlook or experience with cellulite, then stick around, give this video a thumbs up, and subscribe to this channel for more helpful wellness and lifestyle tutorials coming your way. 

What is cellulite:

We use the term cellulite to describe the lumps and the little dimples that we see on the skin that resembles orange-peels or cottage cheese. While men and women both experience cellulite, between 80 and 90 % of the population (primarily women) experience it. 

What cellulite is not: Cellulite is not an increased size of fat cells. If this were true then every person with higher fat composition would have it; but, we know that even extremely thin folks can have it. It is actually stable fat cells that are thought to be part of interstitial edema or (swelling and inflammation between cells) that comes with an increase in fat of the body composition. We call this edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy. In addition to this swelling and inflammation, there are connective tissue fibers that hold the skin to the underlying muscle with layers of fat that are nestled around these cords of connective tissue. When fat cells swell or get larger, they push up against the skin while the tightened connective tissue cords pull down and this causes the uneven appearance of the skin.  What is interesting is that even the fittest, slimmest individuals can have cellulite so it is not an obesity condition. And equally interesting is why cellulite is more common in women.

What causes cellulite:

Now I need you to understand something. While we know what cellulite is there is no full understanding of what causes the swelling, inflammation, and tightening of connective tissue. The pathophysiology (or disease process) is not understood. So please don’t fall prey to folks all over the media and social media claiming that they know what causes it and have a miracle cure. Please understand that cellulite is not directly a function of excess weight, but a genetic difference in the way adipose tissue and connective tissue form. Despite the complete scientific understanding of the cause of cellulite, we will discuss and model our treatment recommendations in this video upon the proposed theory that cellulite comes from the structural pattern of connective tissue, hormonal imbalances, genetics, inflammatory processes in the tissue, a lack of circulation and vascular integrity, and lifestyle habits. 


 It has been shown that people who have cellulite have different patterns of connective tissue than people who don't, and men tend to have this pattern much less than women. 

Structurally speaking, in women, the fat cells and connective tissue in the subcutaneous layer where fat cells are located are arranged vertically. In men, the connective tissue has a criss-cross structure, which may explain why men are less likely to have cellulite than women.


The hormones associated with cellulite production include estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin. We need estrogen to have plump dewy skin. With a decrease in estrogen, we have a decrease in blood flow to the tissue under the skin. Lower circulation causes lower oxygenation to the tissue and thus it lowers collagen production. Lowering of estrogen can contribute to the growth of fat cells. 


Genetics can potentially be a contributing factor because genetics can determine the speed of metabolism, distribution of fat, and circulatory levels, and collagen formation. 


People who eat too much inflammatory fats have greater amounts of cellulite. Inflammatory diets include foods that are riddled with inflammatory oils such as soybean, canola, cottonseed, corn, sunflower, safflower, peanut, vegetable oils, simple carbohydrates, corn syrup, sugars, too much salt, and too little fiber. 


Cellulite may also be more prevalent in smokers, those who do not exercise, and those who sit or stand in one position for long periods of time due to the constriction of blood vessels, poor circulation and lack of lymphatic drainage. While some of us love our shapewear (like Spanx), wearing underwear with tight elastic across the buttocks can limit blood flow, and this may contribute to the formation of cellulite. So while we love constriction for the way it smooths out our surfaces, ironically, we are exacerbating the potential cause of exactly what we are trying to hide. 


The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has reviewed a number of methods that may be successful at reducing the appearance of cellulite by breaking up the connective tissue under the dermis (or skin surface). I’m going to review some of those treatments as described by  Medical News Today. I’ll link the resource for you in the description box below. Acoustic wave therapy uses a hand-held device to transmit sound waves. It may work, but it can take several sessions. Laser treatment may improve the appearance of cellulite for a year or more. It involves inserting a very small laser probe under the skin. Subcision involves a dermatologist putting a needle under the skin to break up the connective tissue bands. Results can last 2 years or more, according to the AAD. Vacuum-assisted precise tissue release cuts the bands using a device containing small blades. As it cuts the connective bands, the tissue underneath moves up to fill the space under the skin, removing the appearance of cellulite. This may last for 3 years, but data on its success is limited. Carboxytherapy involves inserting carbon dioxide gas under the skin. Side effects include bruising and discomfort after the procedure, but some cellulite might disappear. Endermologie involves a deep massage with a vacuum-like device that lifts the skin. The United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved it as safe, but there is little evidence that it works, say the AAD. Some folks have used cupping to achieve these benefits.


Techniques that the AAD do not recommend include cryolipolysis, which freezes fat, mesotherapy, which involves injecting a mixture of substances under the skin. Alternative or supplemental therapies include caffeine, grape seed extract, or gingko biloba. These agents have been applied topically, orally, and by injection, but none of them have proven effective. Some medications and creams have been proposed because they act on fatty tissues. For example, caffeine dehydrates cells, making them less visible but this needs to be applied daily. Various caffeine creams for cellulite are available to purchase online. You can even choose to make a coffee scrub at home. While some people swear by coffee scrubs, the effects are temporary and I cannot speak from personal experience to the efficacy. Some people wear compression garments to reduce the appearance of cellulite. These garments try to compress arteries and increase blood and lymph flow to reduce visible cellulite. Compression stockings and other garments may be purchased online. The concept here with these garments is that it will improve lymphatic flow. You can try this, but I have a better option coming up...Liposuction and dieting do not remove cellulite because it does not affect the structure of the connective tissue. LET ME REPEAT THAT....liposuction does not affect the structure of the connective tissue! Likewise, no studies published in the medical literature have supported the claims that a special diet for cellulite will decrease its appearance. Experts have concluded that eating a healthy diet can decrease fluid retention and improve the overall health and appearance of skin, but specific diets designed to target cellulite are of no value. So the next time someone tells you that they simply cleared cellulite with diet, they are not telling you the whole truth. Yes, losing weight and reducing your body’s fat composition will dramatically help reduce the appearance of cellulite, it will not improve the connective tissue. Another popular treatment is body wraps. Many salons offer herbal or other types of body wraps as treatments for cellulite. As is the case with cellulite diets, controlled studies in the medical literature have not proven the effects of wraps. While wraps may decrease fluid retention and improve the overall appearance of skin, these effects are temporary. It is also not possible to "detoxify" the body by the use of herbal or other wraps. 

So in summary: despite multiple therapeutic approaches that attempt to reduce cellulite, no procedures have been scientifically proven to be successful long term. You should know that all topical agents, injectable treatments, and energy-based devices can improve the appearance of cellulite, sometimes to a satisfactory degree, but never completely eradicate cellulite because to do so, would require extensive tissue remodeling.


In my opinion, you need to address this multi-faceted issue with multiple internal and external methods. More large-scale studies, especially with combination therapies need to be conducted to evaluate the long-term results in terms of safety, efficacy, and patient satisfaction. With the lack of scientific studies involving multi-faceted treatments in mind, let’s talk about my personal experience and what has worked for me. Given that we believe that cellulite may be caused by a reduction of lymphatic flow and circulation, tightening of the collagen fibers, decreased strength of the skin, inflammation and hormone imbalance, I chose to attempt to reduce mine by attacking as many of these issues at once as humanly possible. So, here is my 5 part method:

  1. I eat a non-inflammatory diet void of sugar, grains, poor-quality meats, dairy products, and inflammatory oils. Etc. If you want to know my exact diet, you can grab my FREE book in this link or watch my videos discussing how I eat in my playlist here.  I aim to eat as many green veggies as possible as the increased amount of potassium provided in these foods significantly decreases water retention, improves lymphatic flow, and the proper hydration of the cells. I also eat foods that regulate hormone balance, especially insulin.
  2. Musculoskeletal training has been beneficial. My favorite training involve waking up the accessory or stabilization muscles. Such methods as Tracy Anderson, Calan Pinckney’s calanetics, and pilates/barre, and some forms of yoga are beneficial for strengthening and toning these muscles. For example, just 10 sessions of calanetics can dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite in my experience. 
  3. I have tried retinol creams as I mentioned and they do work; but I am too lazy to apply them daily and the effects seem to be temporary. Retinol may reduce the appearance of cellulite by thickening the skin. It is important that you patch test it as some folks can be sensitive to retinols. Retinol treatments are available to buy online; but my recommendation is to make sure that it is physician or pharmaceutical grade or else you are just wasting your money. Over the counter creams and lotions are not required to meet the standards that physician-grade or pharmaceutical grade treatments must meet in order to be prescribed. I actually have seen great results with retinol creams. We use one at our clinic called SANTÉ Essentials Body Smoothing Cream. I would say that it takes about two months to see results with daily application. I’ll put that link for you below as well. 
  4. I have dabbled in technology, primarily radiofrequency. I specifically used Cutera’s TruSculpt ID which at this time is the only FDA approved device to reduce fat in an area up to 24% in one treatment and to tighten the tissue. At our clinic, we chose this device over competitors because we were waiting for a treatment that was quick, comfortable, and effective. It literally takes 15 minutes and feels like a hot stone massage. So easy and no downtime. 
  5. The biggest change I saw was after two months of jumping on my cellerciser daily. I did own a bungee cord rebounder prior to the cellerciser. I am not here to argue the types of rebounders or the quality of the rebounders on the market. If you have a rebounder you love and use regularly, you are far ahead of the curve when it comes to health and I applaud you. If you are on team rebounder, then you are my peeps. I will say that I used the bungee cord rebounder for years and noticed no change in my cellulite. After two months of jumping on the cellerciser, I noticed a drastic change. My hypothesis for the dramatic change with this one piece of equipment is this: There is no better way to dramatically move lymphatic flow and circulation than rebounding. In addition, rebounding promotes the normalization of hormone production. Your thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, and other glands are gently massaged while rebounding. There is no other way to gently stimulate the production of hormones without the use of nutraceuticals, botanicals, or pharmaceuticals. Also, rebounding reduces inflammation in the body, including cellular inflammation, joint inflammation, and inflammation in tissues and organs.  For this reason, it is one of the best treatments for a disease process associated with inflammation, in combination with diet. As an added bonus, rebounding is one of the best ways to detoxify your tissues and rid the body of waste and increase oxygenation to your tissues and every cell in your body. Here’s the kicker, if cellulite is caused by weakened tissue on the surface or tightened collagen below the surface, when you bounce you gently stretch and strengthen every collagen fiber in your body. There is no other way to do this that I know of other than to use the power of the gravitational force and to bear weight on every cell in your body with the contact of the mat on your cellerciser. So, for this, and because I have experienced it first hand, rebounding and diet are my primary non-invasive and inexpensive methods for quickly improving the appearance of cellulite. 

So to help you out, I have a resource for you. I have a free three-part video series to help you start burning more fat, right now. You can click the link and start your series, today. I also have a FREE book for you, called The Forever Fat Burner to help debunk a lot of the noise in the media about how we can lose weight and burn more fat.  The fee associated with the book covers the printing, shipping, and handling of the book. And if you need help with your exercise, especially finding what I like to call the minimum effective dose for fat loss, I have linked a few tips for you up here. Of course, if you are researching rebounders, I’ll put a link for you HERE to check out as well. 

More importantly, if you have cellulite and struggle with body image or are embarrassed by it; I need you to know that you are beautiful, perfect, and unconditionally loved, just the way you are. Say this affirmation to yourself on a daily basis. This is the most important affirmation that I teach my weight loss patients and my clients to say daily. If you need help with the mindset you can check out this video here to get you started or join the folks who have successfully graduated from my Mindset Masterclass. I’ll put this link for you HERE as well if it can help you.

Congratulations, you have just taken the time to educate or remind yourself of some simple things you can do to start improving the appearance of cellulite, now! Your body is your sanctuary and should be the tool used to help you pursue your dreams and fulfill your mission in this life. Cellulite is not a bad thing and is not detrimental to your health. Don’t forget that every day you need to be thankful for this vessel that you have and don’t allow negative self-talk to creep in.

Don’t forget to share this post with a friend or family member you think will benefit from this information. 

Can’t wait to see you in the next post!


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