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How I lost 45 pounds...Learn all of my secrets!

Aug 18, 2021

Perhaps you have tried to lose weight by cutting your calories and stepping up your exercise in an effort to achieve that ideal body composition. You may have lost a few pounds initially but then you hit a plateau or even started regaining the weight back. You have goals of achieving your best health and crushing those health goals but everywhere you turn there are conflicting messages and noise on social media about the best way of going about change and you aren't sure how to get started? You want to believe that there are methods for increasing your fat-burning potential but it seems like it could be too complicated.

Maybe you've begun the process of making changes. You’ve cut back on treats like chocolate and wine. You have started working out an hour a day. You are counting calories and you have cut them down significantly.

Perhaps you’ve even told yourself that if you just have enough willpower, you can make it happen but the little voice inside your head has prevented you from taking action.

You may be concerned about…

Your doubt that you have what it takes to accomplish your dream body

You lack the willpower to be consistent

You can’s seem to find the time to workout 

You don’t know what workouts to do that will maximize fat loss

You aren’t sure what foods will help move the dial down on your scale

You don’t want to give up treats 

You want to believe that change is possible but you have tried everything

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be as scary or complicated as you think and we can prove it with scientific research on creating a winning mindset! It is a step-by-step process that will blow your mind with how easy it is.

I’m also here to tell you that it isn’t your fault.

Your weight loss resistance is not because you don’t eat well or that you aren’t active enough. The problem is that your body requires the proper hormone balance to burn fat! 

Today, I'd like to invite you to grab my free BOOK, the Forever Fat Burner that will walk you through step-by-step how you can use the power of the right mindset, the right foods to eat, and my minimum effective dose of exercise to help you 10X your ability to achieve your dream body composition. There is no better time than now to educate yourself on how you can program your thoughts and your body’s hormone communication to burn more fat with less effort and less suffering. 

Click or tap to grab my FREE book right now! You just cover the cost of printing, shipping, and handling!

Imagine this…

You step on the scale and for once you are excited to see the results. You open your closet doors and anticipate how well your skinny jeans will fit you, today. No sausage roll, no muffin top. You go about your day with energy that feels natural and you no longer have to “push through”. Your workout takes you about a quarter of the time it used to! So you now spend the extra 45 minutes you have in your day (plus 30 minutes that it used to take to go to and from the gym) and you use this time to work on your new blog.

In addition, you start saving $100 per month on that gym membership to save for the wine tasting trip in Italy you and your husband deserve after all this time. You feel like life is a bit more meaningful, a bit more fun, a bit easier now and this is just the beginning of your health journey.  You have only been implementing my methods for a few short months and your body has already changed significantly. 

Seriously, think about it!

How much of a difference would an additional 10 pounds lost make for you? How much of a difference would an extra hour in your day make? How about an extra $1,000 in your bank account?

And that first 10 pounds might just be the beginning for you... 

You’re finally on track to achieve your best body. You’ve dropped the first few pounds. You are working out smarter and not harder. Your plan is built on a model that withstood the clinical tests so there is no worry about “does this work?”. You understand what to do. You have clear guidelines that outline and help you adjust your plan as you lose more weight. You are finally able to navigate through the plateaus. you are achieving the body of your dreams. 

Of course, you always have the option of trying to find this information on your own or choosing not to take action...

Can you just follow the free diet and fitness advice I find online? Can you just do nothing?

Well, you could…but haven’t you tried one or both of those options already?

That is exactly what I did and it cost me 20 years wasting money and resources on things that only worked for a short time or not at all. You can keep gaining and losing the same 5-10 pounds trying every fad diet you find. You can purchase expensive workout equipment promising to get you in your best shape. You can spend precious time away from the people you love, trying to get in better shape for hours at the gym. But most likely, you will only be left frustrated and sick of all the “experts” telling you the “new way” that works. More than likely, you will start feeling like a failure just like I did when none of my efforts worked. Most of the material I teach you is completely new information that most people are NOT teaching, it is true. But I have clinical evidence and plenty of testimonials to prove that this is no gimmick or get-thin quick fad. 

It’s up to you. Will today be the day you create change in your health and wellness? Click or tap to grab my FREE book right now! You just cover the cost of printing, shipping, and handling!

Hi! I'm Dr. Linné...

I have spent decades researching the topic of weight loss and learning how female hormones play a role in making or breaking our fat reduction efforts. Because I had such great success with the clinical pearls I started using---both for myself and for my patients---I wrote a 300-page book that I want to give you for FREE (you just pay for shipping and handling) so that you can have the same success that my patients and I have experienced (and now hundreds of others).


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