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Take Back Control of Your Wellness: My 5 Best Tips To Get You Started




COFFEE & SimipliciTEA is a new masterclass and tutorial series geared toward answering your most common questions and providing the best-proven methods for simplifying health, decluttering the home, improving habits, and increasing happiness. We sip coffee in my dining room, get in our cozy clothes, and talk about all things health, wellness, and simplification. So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and join me! It's a long one but SO worth it! In this episode, we touch upon the top 5 ways you can get control of your health in these hectic times. I use practical tips based on scientific evidence to help you improve your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health right now. The 5 best tips are 1) monitor how you consume and contribute to social media. 2) prioritize a morning routine 3) simplify your eating habits and food choices 4) minimize your exercise but make it efficient 5) Declutter your spaces that are preventing your peace and...

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