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Morning Habits of the Top 1% Most Successful


Have you ever had a morning that started with hitting the snooze button two or three times? Perhaps, it progressed to sluggishly grabbing a morning coffee and watching depressing newsreels while munching on soggy cheerios. But what if you could start each and every day with excitement? What if you actually smiled each morning you awakened? What if you moved your body in such a way that made you feel alive and prepared to take on the day's challenges? What if - by the time you arrived to work - you felt you had accomplished a healthy, happy and energetic mindset that drove you to perform more efficiently and effectively in all of your daily tasks? In this post, I discuss the defining characteristic of the top 1% that I discovered in my research: the commitment to performing a beneficial morning ritual. In addition, I walk you through the four areas of personal growth that I define as the necessary components of an effective morning ritual: mental, emotional, physical and...

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