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How Rebounding Helped Me Achieve My Best Body at 45



As many of you know, I work with a lot of weight loss patients and I have done research on fat loss, building lean muscle and hormone balance for decades. Having been 45 pounds heavier I have often been desperate to find what works and disregard what doesn’t. Now that I am responsible for helping my weight loss patients work out smarter not harder, I have had to find methods for them to maintain their hormone balance and help them keep their newly hard-earned physique. The old world thinking was that in order to lose weight and get in your best shape you have to workout harder and eat less. I am here to tell you that with nearly 100% of my patients, this method backfires every time. So what do I tell my patients? What do I do myself to achieve the best body at 45 years old that I have ever had in my life? I’m going to share with you my secret. And it isn’t really a secret but it certainly is not conventional thinking. In this video, I share: 1) the...

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