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How Healthy Is Your Home? 10 Tips For Joining the Healthy Home Revolution


In this post, I discuss the top 10 ways you can improve the health of your home (inexpensively and quickly). I discuss the importance of having the right plants in your home, removing BPAs, PCAs, formaldehyde, getting the right filter, have your home tested for mold/lead/radon, pursue minimalism, clean regularly, remove all VOCs, etc. I even include a FREE resource of a cleaning schedule to help you stay sane as well as my personal cleaning recipes


Welcome back, my fellow lifestyle enthusiasts. If this is your first time visiting this channel, I’m Dr. Linne. It is my firm belief that your health, your time, and your energy are your true wealth. By helping you to supercharge your health and simplify your lifestyle (think less stress and less distraction) I aim to help you make room for your God-given mission in this life; that dream that is on your heart that only you can fulfill because it is unique to you. By serving you, I believe you can be better...

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Does This Junk Drawer Make My Bum Look Big? (How Clutter Affects Your Weight)


In this post, I discuss the research behind clutter and your weight! That’s right! Your junk drawer may be contributing to the junk in your trunk.  To summarize the studies, we have linked cluttered spaces to overeating and binging, increase in stress hormones and abdominal fat, and the inhibition of fat burning mechanisms. To help you avoid the misfortune of the ill-effects of a cluttered environment, I provide you with my proven 5-step method (5x5 Decluttering Method) for creating a home that is peaceful, productive, and inviting.  You don’t want to miss the many jewels in this post!



Welcome back my fellow lifestyle enthusiasts. If you are new, I’m Linné and to say that I’m obsessed with all things lifestyle and how they impact your overall health, is an understatement. As a physician and a researcher, my goal is to provide you simple tactics to improve your lifestyle and thus improve your health and...

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